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Labour Costs and Time Frames. The average material cost of installing block paving is usually around £50 to £100 per sq metre. Costs can increase depending on the size of your driveway and material used, if your driveway has complex patterns and extras such as edging, steps or drainage.

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51 - 100 sq mtrs. £110 psm. £25-30 per linear metre. £15-20 psm. 101+ sq mtrs. £105 psm. £25-30 per linear metre. £12.50-17.50 psm. Tarmac overlay projects do not include the cost of a new base and cost much cheaper, usually around £40-50 per square metre, depending on the condition of the existing surface and how much cleaning up or ...

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Based on the average driveway size of just 60m2 you could expect to pay around £2,106 for this, with installation and other materials on top. If you're looking for a modern twist on the traditional block paving, Marshalls Coppice is £28.02 per m2, costing around £1,883 to cover a driveway of 60m2. Block paving also comes in circle designs ...

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Based on our Heritage paving (shown above) a 40m2 concrete patio would be around £2,055 excluding installation. Natural stone paving. Natural stone paving brings a timeless feel to your garden, and there are many options open to you. Using Marshalls ethically sourced Towngate paving, a 40m2 space will cost around £1,992 to cover.

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As we have already mentioned, the block paving cost for driveways in the UK can range from anywhere between £3,000 and £7,000. There are exceptions, of course. Particularly large or complex driveways could cost closer to £10,000 – it's all relevant. There is also the possibility that your block paving cost falls below £3,000.

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3. Labour cost for excavation, waste removal and block paving. » £40 – £60 per sqm The labour cost per m2 block paving, depending on brick type and pattern style, is around £30 – £50 and for the necessary preliminary work such as excavation and waste removal around £10 per sqm.

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Block Paving Cost (per m2 incl. VAT) Below 40m 2. £100. 40 to 100m 2. £85. Over 100m 2. £75. You can see that a typical driveway or patio of about 50m 2 will cost in the region of about £4,250 (including VAT). Professionals in London can raise this to about £5,000.

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Here's how much drive block paving costs in 2022, prices are elevated at the moment but that may change in the coming months: Project: Price: 2-car driveway (40 sq mtr) £5000 - £5500 (£125 - £140 per sq mtr) Larger driveway (100 sq mtr) £11,500 - £13,000 (£115 - £130 per sq mtr) Get a fixed quote online ->. Get a Custom Price Here.

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Block driveway costs. Block paving is a very popular option for driveways, thanks to the huge range of styles available. However, it is more labour intensive to construct, and needs proper maintenance to ensure plants do not grow through it and spoil the finish. Brick paving can cost between £60 and more than £100 per square metre, depending ...

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Block Paving Driveway Maintenance Costs. Block paving can last around 10 years or more, if looked after properly. One way to do this is by applying sealant to the driveway surface to protect it from oil stains or other types of damage. The average cost of block paving sealant is around £5 to £7 per square metre. Gravel Driveway Maintenance Costs

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Here you'll find a breakdown of the costs of having a new driveway layed. Please bear in mind that this breakdown is just an average and this ratio can vary greatly depending upon your location, the company/tradesman you hire, and the material you choose for your driveway. Materials 40. Labour 60.

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Concrete on a long driveway is at risk of moving and cracking. You create control joints by laying wood across the formwork at intervals of four metres. They will then put in the hardcore of sand and crushed stones. It needs to be between 100mm and 125mm in depth. When it is down it will be compacted.

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Homeowners pay on average £3,100 for an asphalt driveway in the UK. Estimate to pay from £1,250 to £3,000 for a 50 m2 asphalt driveway depending on where you live in the country. An asphalt/tarmac driveway costs on average between £45 – £80 per square meter when excavation work is required. Excavation alone costs around £65 per cubic meter.

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Most homeowners choose either concrete or clay blocks, and even with these blocks, you can create fantastic designs to make your driveway look attractive. Concrete and clay block paving will cost you around £0.25 to £0.35 per block. You can expect to pay around £900 to £1,100 for the block paving bricks for an average-sized driveway.

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While edging, will cost about £5/m2. The foundations or sub-base for the driveway include hardcore, sand and concrete. Labour charges to build a base of about 100mm to 300mm deep will cost between £15 to £30/m2. Whereas materials will be about £150/m2 for sharp sand, and £75/m2 for kiln dried sand.

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If you're looking at block paving for your driveway, the cost to pave 50m² would cost you around £5,500. For concrete blocks, the cost to pave a driveway would be about £40 per m². For natural stone blocks, you can expect to pay around £80 per m². Or, if you want to use clay blocks, we estimate the driveway paving cost to be around £85 ...

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Concrete block paving cost per m2. £19 - £48. £33.50. Cost to remove block paving. £150 - £200 per day. £175 per day. Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now. The amount you need to save for block paving will vary depending on your circumstances.

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How to estimate the cost of a driveway. Our cost calculator quotes a price per metre for our expertise in installing a beautiful new driveway for you. It includes all materials and labour costs. It makes things a whole lot easier. But if you'd like to work out the cost of a new driveway manually, you'll need to consider the following:

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The average cost of a resin driveway ranges from £40-£170 per m2, depending on size, shape and ground conditions. Therefore, for a 40m2 driveway, you would receive estimates from a resin driveway specialist of around £1,600-£8,000. But in reality, the average costs level out at approximately £4,000. A resin driveway installation gives the ...

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