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Flyrock can vary in mass from marblesized to car- - sized. [emphasis added] At quarry blasting operations flyrock is a constant hazard not only to the workers at the quarry, but also to nearby homes and residents. Flyrock can be produced when the holes filled with explosive

Safety Alert - Blast Control - Flyrock incident

During a quarry blast under the control of a contractor, flyrock was projected more than 500 metres onto the Pacific Highway. A rock of approximately 100mm diameter was also projected onto a nearby property where it caused damage to a shed and parked vehicle. In addition, the windscreen of a front end loader in the quarry was broken but

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The investigators reviewed the basic blast design and determined the flyrock that resulted in this accident was a blow-out type of flyrock due to the straight path that directly impacted the victim. Investigators determined the flyrock was travelling approximately 400 miles per hour.

Blasting Quarries & Adequate Setbacks

City Sand quarry (St. John's, Newfoundland) carried out a legitimate but inherently dangerous operation, and it had no right to eject flyrock outside the quarry site, which constituted a danger to persons and property. The quarry site was subject to a 300-metre setback. On two separate occasions blasting by City Sand propelled

A Novel Combination of Tree-Based Modeling and Monte Carlo ...

The purpose of this study was to develop and introduce novel techniques for predicting and simulating the flyrock phenomenon that happens in mines due to blasting. Two tree-based techniques, genetic programming (GP) and random forest (RF), were developed and applied to predict flyrock distance. Identification and measurements of important parameters affecting flyrock were done in six different ...

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Flyrock is one of the most important environmental effects of bench blasting. Flying rock particles may cause damage, injuries and fatal accidents. It is an important concern especially for quarries that operate near residential areas. On the other hand, flying rock particles may also be dangerous for quarry workers and structures.

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On December 4, 2013, a 63-year old lead man with 16 years of experience was killed at a crushed stone mine. The victim initiated a blast and was struck by flyrock from the blast. He was standing 153 feet from the nearest blast hole and was struck by rock as large as 19 inches long by 14 inches wide by 7 inches thick.

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Flyrock comes in different sizes and shapes, ranging in mass from few ounces to several tons. Persson et al. [1994] referenced flyrock weighing approximately three tons thrown to a distance of 980 ft. The blaster determines the bounds of the blast area, a nd flyrock is not expected to travel beyond the blast area.

The Increased Danger of Flyrock Due to Karst Topography

Flyrock is a potential hazard anytime and anywhere there is blasting," per the Mine Safety and Health Administration's (MSHA) webpage on flyrock dangers. In addition to the threat of flying rocks, there is a community concern about wild flyrock – rock that flies beyond the blast site causing injuries to people and damage to property ...

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to shot. There are many occurrences of flyrock landing beyond the property or permit boundary in surface blasting. Such occurrences demonstrate incorrect determination of the bounds of the blast area. Flyrock from a limestone quarry traveled about 930 ft and fatally injured a resident who was mowing grass on his property [MSHA 1990b].

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Dangerous quarry blast sends rock hurtling towards onlookers

Dangerous blast at Albury Quarry sends rock hurtling towards onlookers By Liz Daniels • State Political Reporter 6:46pm Aug 20, 2020 Shocking video has emerged of a dangerous blast at a quarry in NSW's south which sent rock hailing down over the site, smashing vehicles and narrowly missing 12 people.

Final Report - Fatality #19 - December 4, 2013 | Mine Safety ...

Kansas Falls Quarry, a crushed limestone operation owned and operated by Bayer Construction Company, Inc., is located at 5372 Old Hwy 40, Junction City, Dickinson County, Kansas. The principal operating official is Leslie K. Briggs, President. The quarry usually operates one 9 hour shift a day, 5 days a week. Total employment is 16 persons.

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Flyrock Dangers & Best Practices. Flyrock – the fragments of rock thrown and scattered during blasting – is responsible for a large proportion of all blasting-related injuries and fatalities. Flyrock is a potential hazard anytime and anywhere there is blasting. Reduce flyrock hazards by adhering to the safety tips and best practices below.

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