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Yes, we have designed our bitumen pressure distributors to help you consciously handle and control the system safely and efficiently. You can use various accessories such as a bitumen pump, auxiliary engine, and others to help you complete the process faster and more effectively.

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Standard ® is leading the way with an expansive selection of quality ignition components, including cassette coils, coil-near-plugs, coil packs and coil-on-plugs. Learn More Elite Manufacturing and Testing Standard ® engineers and manufactures high-quality ignition coils and ignition components at SMP's 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Bialystok, Poland.

The 4 Types Of Ignition System And How They Work - CAR FROM JAPAN

Currently, there are four types of ignition systems used in most cars and trucks, by order of invention: conventional breaker-point (mechanical) ignitions, high energy (electronic) ignitions, distributor-less (waste spark) ignition and coil-on-plug ignitions. Breaker-point (mechanical) ignitions and high energy (electronic) ignitions are both ...

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Product of Superior Design. Blue Streak's new heavier-duty ignition coils are the product of superior design, manufacturing and testing. For example, take our UF-303, one of the many heavier-duty ignition coils in our line. Advanced thermoplastic coil connector ensures proper connection and resists fractures caused by heat and thermal cycling.

Correction Factors for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Containing ...

Each ignition furnace will have its own unique asphalt binder correction factor determined in the location where testing will be performed. A1.1.2. Aggregate gradation correction factor—Due to potential and RAP aggregate breakdown during the ignition process, an aggregate gradation correction factor will be determined for each

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Standard (R) is the leader in the automotive aftermarket. Backed by more than 95 years of experience, we design, engineer, manufacture and distribute over 40,000 of the highest quality engine management products in some of the most advanced-technology categories.

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Our IATF 16949 and ISO 9001-certified facility in Bialystok, Poland, is dedicated to the highest-quality manufacturing. Spanning 145,000 square feet, the facility serves as a basic design and engineering center for our Blue Streak ® Ignition Coils.

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TechSmart Distributor Assemblies. TechSmart engineers have developed the finest quality, OE-matching distributor assemblies for GM 4.3L V6 & 5.0/5.7L V8 applications. Behind each part is a meticulous attention to detail, rigorous testing and over 90 years experience in ignition manufacturing. Think TechSmart ® when choosing your next distributor.


B. Pressure Distributor The bitumen distributor shall be pneumatic-tired, self-propelled, and shall have a capacity of not less than eight hundred (800) gallons. It shall be equipped with an independently-operated bitumen pump, tachometer, pressure gauges, volume metering devices, a thermometer for reading the tank temperature, and a hose

The 4 Types Of Ignition System And How They Work - CAR FROM JAPAN

4 Types Of Ignition System: #1 Distributor-Based Breaker-Point Ignition (Mechanical) History The oldest type of ignition system is the conventional breaker-point ignition system, which sometimes is also called mechanical ignition systems. It has been used since the early days of the automobile industry, especially through the 1970s.

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SMP Continues Growth of Ignition Coil Program SMP continues to add to its aftermarket-leading Ignition Coil program, which includes more than 800 Coils providing 99% coverage for import and domestic vehicles. Each Coil is designed to deliver improved durability and a longer service life.

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Sinoway asphalt distributors are engineered to deliver accurate, uniform and economical applications of liquid asphalt. We have intelligent bitumen distributors with full automatic control, making a superior machine even better, and also provide the environmentally friendly and efficiency.

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Founded in 1919, Standard® is an indisputable leader in engine management products. With many years of experience in the automotive industry, the company designs, engineers and manufactures over 40,000 of high-quality automotive parts, including ignition coils, cam/crank sensors, diesel injectors, VVT components, MAF sensors, turbochargers, TPMS sensors, electrical parts, and much more.

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